Ramón y Cajal Fellow at University of Cádiz

I lead the MEHARI research group, standing for MEtHods and Applications of Artificial Intellignece. We focus on the design of innovative methods for artificial intelligence and their application to complex real world problems. Our activity is currently mainly focussed on optimization (continuous, combinatorial, single- and multi-objective, exact algorithms, metaheuristics, parallelism,..), machine learning (SVMs, deep learning), sustainable computing (autonomous programming, automatic generation of energy-efficient SW, efficient resources management), and intelligent transportation systems.

The group was created in 2016, and currently is composed by:

  • Bernabé DORRONSORO, PhD - HEAD of the lab
  • Patricia RUIZ, PhD
       Conducts research in smart and sustainable mobility, mobile networks, and optimization.
  • Santiago ITURRIAGA, PhD student (2014 - 2017)
  •    Investigates on new efficient resource allocation methods for the cloud, conputational Grids, and datacenters.
  • Juan Carlos de la TORRE, PhD student (2017 - )
  •    Researches on the design of new tools for the automatic transformation of SW for improved efficiency, both in terms of computation time and energy consumption.
  • A. Alejandro SANTIAGO, PhD student (2015 - )
  •    Works on the design of novel highly accurate metaheuristics for multi- and many-objectives optimization.
  • Renzo MASSOBRIO, PhD student (2016 - )
  •    Focusses on the design of new artificial intelligence methods to allow computers learning to solve complex optimization problems and autonomously generating parallel and energy efficient SW .
  • Carlos SOTO, PhD student (2016 - )
  •    Works on the design of highly efficeitn parallel exact algorithms to fing optimal solutions to complex multi-objective optimization problems.